Introducing our new editorial team

13 Aug 2017


We are delighted to announce the appointment of a new Backbench editorial team.


We had initially advertised for three new editors. However, after a bombardment of applications, we have decided to expand our horizons: appointing five new editors and two reporters.


Thanks must be given to our outgoing editors, Paddy Baker and Ollie Lincoln, who’ve been outstanding in their roles.


Here is the new editorial line-up in full:


Editor-in-Chief - Beth Fisher

Editor - Calum Henderson

Editor - Daniel Clark

Editor - Toby Fountain

Editor - Sam Young

Editor (Reports) - Elena Cotton

Editor (Fake News) - Megan McGowan

Reporter - Mason Boycott-Owen

Reporter - Tom Mitchell


This provides an exciting opportunity for Backbench to roll out new features and to enhance our content.


We have already launched a couple of shiny new sections of the website. The first is a satirical page, Fake News – an alternate universe that is somehow even more bizarre than the real world of politics.


The second is a Reports section, which will provide immersive, original features on domestic and foreign affairs.


In the midst of nonstop political drama, we’ll be covering the crucial developments, and – as always – providing a platform for your views.

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