Corbyn 'choked on haggis' during Scotland visit

28 Aug 2017

Jeremy Corbyn choked on a haggis during his visit to Scotland last week, it has been revealed.


The Labour leader was airlifted to Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, where nurses initially mistook him for one of the bums from the city’s Sauchiehall Street.


Meanwhile, an Edinburgh-based Corbyn supporter was arrested for turning up to a Labour rally drunk on Buckfast. He later told the press that alcoholic intoxication ‘helped him understand his party’s Brexit policy.’


A haggis is a small furry animal that roams the Highlands during the winter, and is traditionally eaten on Burns Night, which commemorates Scotland’s fine tradition of pyromania.

Fake News article (yes, you've got it, this isn't real news) from Backbench.


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