I don't understand our Brexit policy either, says Corbyn

11 Sep 2017


Leadership amateur and ‘absolute boy’ Jeremy Corbyn has today admitted that even he does not fully understand Labour’s attitude to Brexit.


When questioned by reporters, Mr Corbyn was forced to consult his ipad on the matter, John McDonnell attempting to distract surrounding media by burning a ten-foot effigy of Tony Blair.


The Labour leader was also overheard asking a representative of fellow fake news site The Canary if they knew what the policy was.


Moderate Chuka Umunna was approached for comment, but fell unconscious after being hit by a dart fired by an unknown activist.


Brexit Secretary David Davis burst into a fit of laughter upon hearing of Mr Corbyn’s dilemma, and spoke of Labour being as “shambolic as ever.”


When pressed on the progress of negotiations with the European Union, Mr Davis ran away.


Smoke could later be seen drifting from the windows of Downing Street, reportedly due to another major technical fault with the Prime Minister’s wiring.

Fake News article (yes, you've got it, this isn't real news) from Backbench.


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