Khan heckled at Labour conference, as winning 'not party policy'

24 Sep 2017


London Mayor and black cab pin-up Sadiq Khan today faced jeers and cries of condemnation from allies of Jeremy Corbyn, many still angered by Mr Khan's failure to lose.


Followers of the Labour leader, not Prime Minister, also made their frustrations known by tweeting Mr Khan with the hashtag '#NotMyLabour'. The hashtag failed to trend, however, as it was beaten narrowly by another discussing a piece of toast that looks vaguely like Nick Knowles.


Some attempted to reach Mr Khan as he walked about the conference venue, whilst others retreated to a Momentum-hosted reception to throw darts at an Israeli flag.


One particularly resentful activist said "Sadiq had only Zac Goldsmith to beat, a deeply uncharismatic candidate propped up by a terrible campaign. It was an easy contest, and he won it. Jeremy would never have done such a thing."


It has also been alleged that the  winning of elections is "too Blairite."


The London Mayor is reportedly without bodyguards, all armed protection in Brighton currently hired out by female journalists.


Fake News article (yes, you've got it, this isn't real news) brought to you by Backbench.


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