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Here's how Breitbart and Milo smuggled Nazi and white nationalist ideas into the mainstream

Joseph Bernstein - BuzzFeed News


Kazuo Ishiguro: how I wrote The Remains of the Day in four weeks

Kazuo Ishiguro - The Guardian

Donald Trump and Big Swamp Monster

Euan Healey - Backbench


Get Ready for Prime Minister Corbyn

Rachel Shabi - The New York Times


If journalists take sides, who will speak truth to power?

John Harris - The Guardian


The Tories' problem with young people is one of attitude, not policy

Mason Boycott-Owen - The Sunday Times


The 'Resistance', Raising Big Money, Upends Liberal Politics

Kenneth P. Vogel - The New York Times


Camille Paglia on Hugh Hefner's legacy, Trump's masculinity and feminism's sex phobia

Jeanie Pyun - The Hollywood Reporter








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