Homophobia is worse when the Tories do it

25 Oct 2017

In a Backbench exclusive, we can today reveal that prejudice is worse when expressed by Conservatives.


The revelation comes after Labour MP Jared O'Mara was discovered to have made a series of offensive remarks about women, gay people, teenagers, Danes, and the Spanish whilst at the tender age of twenty-two.


Labour officials have been slow in their condemnation, many activists responding to reports on Mr O'Mara's behaviour with "but the Tories."


Lib Dem critics have also been helpfully reminded that, regardless of the hatred spread by Mr O'Mara, he is at least better than Nick Clegg, "because tuition fees."


Left-wing commentators have been quick to defend the MP, believing it is the Conservative Party who ought to apologise to women and the LGBT+ community. One journalist tweeted "It took the Tories hours to suspend Anne Marie Morris for using the n-word."


When it was pointed out that it took Jeremy Corbyn, 'Leader' of the Labour Party, three days to act on the MP's comments, an ally replied "I'm sure Jeremy was thinking about it."


Jared O'Mara himself has claimed that consequences would be different were a Conservative MP revealed to have made similar comments*.


The scandal has emerged less than a month after fellow MP Clive Lewis, a teenager of only forty-six, was recorded saying "on your knees, bitch."


Backbench would like to remind readers that Mr Corbyn's "kinder, gentler politics" drive is not an invention of the Fake News team.

*Editor's note: We did not actually make that line up. He actually implied as much.


A Fake News article (yes, you've got it, this isn't real news) brought to you by Backbench.


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