White House Halloween to be 'scariest yet'

31 Oct 2017


This year's White House Halloween celebrations are tipped to be the most terrifying yet, with guests treated to such frights as Mike Pence and the early reveal of President Trump's 2020 election ad.


A costume competition is also to be held at the White House, one lucky winner given the chance to fire the missile of their choice towards North Korea. It is understood Hillary Clinton will enter dressed as President Trump in an attempt to get into the Oval office.


A Grim Reaper has also been spotted crossing the White House lawn, but to the disappointment of Melania Trump that too was a costume.


President Trump himself will not attend the festivities, as he and Vladimir Putin could not agree on a couples costume.


Festive attractions at the White House will include a frightening 'Hall of Faces', featuring such horrors as Ted Cruz and Steve Bannon, and the chilling reading of a children's Halloween tale about a father who loans his son the horrifically small sum of one million dollars.


No Jack-o'-lanterns will be put on show, staff concerned guests may confuse any displayed pumpkins with the face of the President.


North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un has promised to "light up" the Halloween celebrations with a fireworks display.

A Fake BOOs article (yes, you've got it, this isn't real news) brought to you by Backbench.


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