Corbyn calls out Theresa May in new Grime video

1 Dec 2017

 The Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has today released his first single, marking his first official foray into the music industry.


The rap song: ‘Absolute Boi’ was unveiled at a London Nightclub earlier this evening.


The track featured the Leader of the Opposition rapping over a ‘grime’ instrumental. Grime is a London-based style of electronic popular with many of Mr Corbyn’s hordes of young followers who don’t pay their taxes.


Mr Corbyn’s guttural delivery took aim at several Conservative Ministers while he also ‘bigged up’ his own shadow Cabinet – mentioning Shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry and other Labour ‘galdem’. Elsewhere he complemented the ‘quick maths’ of Shadow Chancellor John McDonald.


The Sunday Times have also released a handy guide for their readers to dissect the political nuance from the bars furiously spat by Mr Corbyn:


“Some of the imagery is quite visceral, such as when Mr Corbyn proclaims: ‘The ting goes skrrra’ the staccato delivery of which echoes the bullet-holes shot into the NHS by Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.


“Mr Corbyn, 68, then blasted the continued ‘privatisation ting’ of our National Health Service. ‘ting’ is an urban colloquialism for ‘thing’ in parts on London, acknowledging Labour’s stranglehold over many of the capital’s constituencies.”


In a dramatic change to the usual efficient and professional running of Government, Conservative Party HQ is reportedly in crisis. Conservative strategists are said to be desperately preparing a response.


One elderly Conservative backbencher was overheard saying that he: “didn’t understand it at all” but that he’d “really wanted it to go away”


The music world today reacted with one of shock and in some cases, horror, as it has divided opinion. Singer-songwriter Noel Gallagher was not a fan, referring to Corbyn as a ‘right commy, that bloke’ while brother, Liam, tweeted it was ‘yeah, it’s proper alright that’.


The Liberal Democrats are reportedly preparing a soft-rock album with their new leader’s Vince ‘Aux’ Cable taking centre-stage.

Written by Mason Boycott-Owen.


A Fake News article (yes, you've got it, this isn't real news) brought to you by Backbench.


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