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31 Dec 2017


With 2016 came the shock Brexit vote, Trump victory, and rise of the alt-right. We all hoped 2017 would be kinder. Alas, in the past twelve months, the orange loon entered the White House with a renewed vigour to shake-up global politics, Theresa May scored an own goal in announcing a snap general election, and still no one is quite sure what Brexit should entail. But every cloud has a silver lining, and such political turmoil has produced some excellent articles here at Backbench. Here are 17 of our best from this year. 


1. There's a reason why sexual harassment is endemic in Westminster

Mason Boycott-Owen


2. The dangerous obsession with trade deals

Sir Vince Cable


3. 'Twas the night before Brexit

Megan McGowan



4. Patriotism is solidarity - the left need not fear it
Dominic Chave-Cox


5. Seventy years since independence: Has the India-Pakistan partition really worked?

Alisa Anwar


6. The Napoleon Complex

Sam Young



7. Who murdered Berta Cáceres?

Allie Nawrat


8. Meeting Ted Malloch: Donald Trump's presumptive EU ambassador

Sam Bright


9. No Prime Minister: Why democracy is overrated, if left to politicians

Samuel Chadwick



10. Beware the stupid cult of Jacob Rees-Mogg

Calum Henderson


11. Backbench Interviews: John Curtice

Tom Mitchell



12. For the very poorest, education is no longer an emancipator

Hannah Peeler


13. Has feminism been commodified?

Martha McHardy

14. The importance of defying party politics

Megan McGowan



15. The West is sleepwalking into a new Cold War

Isobel Colledge

16. David Aaranovitch talks Brexit, fake news and the state of journalism

Calum Henderson


17. Angela Merkel should resign

Felix Lee


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