Should we build child robots in order to tackle paedophilia?

10 Jan 2018


Self-confessed pedophile Shin Takagi, states that he created the sex robot company, Trottla, because it means he doesn't have to have victimise a living child. Takagi told The Atlantic last year: "We should accept that there is no way to change someone's fetishes. I am helping people express their desires, legally and ethically. It's not worth living if you have to live with repressed desire." 


The constant advances in robotics has become a real concern. Some believe the topic of sex robots is controversial, whilst others believe it is a decent idea that can benefit couples who have different sex drives, help the lonely and the socially isolated. There are also many who believe such technology poses a danger to those who are vulnerable and may become attached to these bots.


What started off as another 'sex toy' has become a dangerous weapon which can easily be mistreated. Companies state that these robots will be used as robot "prostitutes", working in brothels sexual companions for the lonely or the elderly, a new means of "sexual healing" and a sexual therapy tool for rapists or paedophiles.


Experts are now prolonging the sex robot debate by stating that the idea may help reduce the number of child molestation cases that occur within our society. Yet such assumptions remain dangerous since there is no real evidence that these robots will help 'satisfy' the paedophile enough so as to stop them from targeting children in the future.


There is also the concern that such robots may be vulnerable to hacking. The Metro journalist Georgia Diebelius recently spoke to Dr Nick Patterson, who warned that once hackers gain control of the robot they will then be able to control the robot in it’s entirety. 


The argument that child sex robots can deter child molestation is still only a theory.


US Representative Dan Donovan spoke with NBC News on the issue and said "What I saw and heard was enough to make anybody sick. Now, as a legislator in Congress, I’m introducing a bill to ban the newest outlet for paedophiles: child sex dolls. They don’t belong in our communities.”  Mr Donovan is not alone in his concerns. I asked people what they thought about legalising child sex robots. One person I spoke to said "The idea that people can rape the child sex robots or even the adult ones is ridiculous, you're simply encouraging them rather than helping them realise it is not okay. Robot or not, it is not okay".  


Another interviewee, a thirty-six year old mother, also voiced concern: "Personally, as a mother, I would say that if this idea would place my children at safety knowing that these pedophiles have something other than real life children then so be it, but of course it comes to the idea what happens when they now get "bored" and want the real thing. Can this urge be controlled at all?".


I also spoke to a nineteen year-old student, who hopes to work in the technology sector. They said they were "disgusted at the fact that companies spend money and time to create these 'products' rather than real products to keep us safe. It is a shame that many protests or campaigns won't stop these people from creating them.


"The idea of child robots/robots, in general, is very popular in Japan/China, whether we as a society/nation are against it there will always be those few who will fight against the greater good and somehow win, the question now is how do we deal with it? Do we teach children from a young age that no, it is not okay to use such products, or do we ban them at a certain age. What do we actually do?"






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