With the UK in crisis, there is a new case for Scottish Independence

29 Jan 2018


Britain is in a state of crisis! Her Majesty's Government has become a regime that acquiesces to lunacy which lacks direction on all fronts: Brexit; international affairs; a government tearing up the infrastructure of the United Kingdom; depriving the most vulnerable in our society of the most basic social support; avoiding their commitments to protecting the environment. In all, this union is a shambles and continues to decay on the world stage. It is for these reasons, especially Brexit, that I argue that Scotland needs independence to thrive and survive on the world stage.


Since the EU referendum of June 2016, Brexit has been a haunting spectre over the actions of the central and devolved governments of our “United” Kingdom. This is especially apparent for Scotland where a majority voted to remain within the European Union and were also promised the same during the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014 if they voted no.


So whilst the UK government continues to fail in both their negotiations and general handling of the situation including current infighting, the Scottish Government have been had at work hard on analysing Brexit’s effects on Scotland in their most recent impact report and suggesting options, ideas and alternatives for Scotland as well as the UK. It is amazing that even though the Scottish Government is devolved, holding but a small fraction of power compared to the Westminster government, they continue to be seen as a leading force in the debate; giving a good example of how government, democracy and politics should be done. The SNP administration in Holyrood has proven these values of good governance countless times and not just on the topic of Brexit.


The Scottish Government, in the SNP’s 10 years of governance, continues to prove themselves as a progressive and capable government. Some highlights include their recent Budget that delivers large social change, their constant work to improve the NHS in Scotland (especially in child health and mental health), their progressive work such as their push for Transgender reform and their work on the environment like reducing plastic waste. This barely scratches the surface of the excellent work of the Scottish Government. I recommend you take a look at the SNP’s most recent Party-Political Broadcast for that; a hilarious parody of an iconic Monty Python sketch.


In all seriousness, Scotland is at great risk in remaining part of the United Kingdom. The actions of this rouge Conservative government in Westminster government could risk Scotland up to 21,000 jobs and billions in investment in this year alone. As things get harder, independence becomes more of a viable option for Scotland’s future and a new debate is on the horizon.


It’s no easy option but in the long run, but with no sign of a good agreement with the EU on the horizon and the continued self sabotaging attitude of the Conservative government, independence is fast becoming the easiest of options Scotland for remaining in the EU. The Scottish Government proves that good government is possible; imagine if they had all the powers that are currently held in London at Westminster? The possibilities are endless.

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