Britain's political correctness has gone too far

10 Feb 2018


In today’s society, we are forever being reminded that we should remain accepting, tolerant and take an open-minded approach towards everyone and everything, regardless of circumstances. For the vast majority of people, this presents no immediate challenge, and we find no real difficulty in maintaining a progressive, working society. However, a problem occurs when individuals are constantly scrutinised by liberal snowflakes, for making comments that are in no way universally offensive. If one individual takes offense to a comment made; the person making the comment is made to feel like a sexist, racist, transphobic pig, by the so called ‘tolerant’ liberals who take offense.


Obviously there is a difference between repetitive derogatory behaviour and having a simple joke, the latter of which is becoming increasing frowned upon.


Take the recent events involving the England Women’s Football manager, Phil Neville. The former England international and Everton captain was criticised for some distasteful tweets made, including one in which Neville said “just battered the wife”. Despite this, Neville made it clear the tweets were made in good faith and in relation to family jokes; that particular tweet referencing a game of table tennis between himself and his wife. Neville pleaded the comments were not "a true and genuine reflection of either my character or beliefs". That being said, the issue should’ve been laid to rest, with nothing further being made of it. However, the FA were urged to charge Neville with misconduct by equality groups such as Kick It Out, suggesting he should be disciplined for making what they regarded as "misogynistic and sexist comments", with others even suggesting he should lose his job altogether.


When did making a few somewhat inappropriate comments, warrant the dismissal of a vastly experienced individual from his job? Neville made it clear that the comments in question were not a reflection of his own opinions in any way. Isn't it time we started giving people a break, and stopped criticising their every comment, action or gesture?


Another issue with political correctness is that of gender stereotyping and sexism. Now I’m not trying to defend misogynists who claim women are unfit for certain roles. However, we're getting to a stage where society no longer allows girls to be girls, and boys to be boys. We’re forever being told that we shouldn't stereotype gender at any age, which is true. If by the time my children are mature adults and they decide to throw gender stereotypes out the window, then I won’t get in their way, but it is pure hypocrisy to be imposing gender neutrality on children.


It even came to my attention the other day, that early years education is now being advised how to identify potential LGBT children in the classroom. Give me a break. These kids can’t count to ten, let alone know how they want to express their sexuality. When I was growing up, it was quite normal for a girl to play with the boys in the playground, we’d just call her a tomboy, and sometimes they’d grow out of it, developing more traditionally female attributes and sometimes they wouldn't. That’s life. However, nowadays we seem insistent on labelling these people as early as possible in their lives, and that is simply wrong.


Unfortunately, some feminists are making many women’s lives worse, through their desire to be politically correct.


Formula 1 has made the ludicrous decision to ban ‘grid girls’ who take part in the race opening ceremony. These girls are well known for their role in F1 which often constituted parading across the start line before a race, wearing selected driver apparel. The move to ban them came just days after darts officials decided to scrap walk-on girls from the sport. Sean Bratches, managing director of commercial operations at Formula One, said: "While the practice of employing grid girls has been a staple of Formula 1 Grands Prix for decades, we feel this custom does not resonate with our brand values and clearly is at odds with modern day societal norms.” It’s a shocking situation when many of these women, some of whom have been employed in the profession for years, are suddenly faced with the prospect of losing their jobs, because it is no longer politically correct. ‘Grid girl’ Rebecca Cooper responded to the decision in a tweet, saying it was "ridiculous that women who say they are "fighting for women's rights" are saying what others should and shouldn't do, stopping us from doing a job we love and are proud to do.” Quite frankly, I couldn't have put it any better myself.


Tolerance is essential in society. However, the people who campaign for political correctness and equality, are actually limiting the opportunities of others. For people who claim to be so accepting towards everyone, they do a funny job of showing it. Part of being liberal is the freedom to make your own individual decisions, without the fear of them being criticised at every turn. 






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