Putin introduced as new Cluedo character

12 Mar 2018

Russian Premier and general good guy Vladimir Putin is to be recreated as a character in the classic board game Cluedo.


The addition of President Putin is the first in a series of changes manufacturers have made to the game.


Instead of solving Dr Black's murder, players are now tasked with unveiling the killer of Agent Skirpal, a former Russian spy poisoned under suspicious circumstances.


Weapons available on the board are also to change, now including polonium and a high-level nerve agent.


Also, the character 'Mrs Peacock' will now be modeled on Theresa May, though players will not be able to use the piece owing to Mrs May's inability to do anything.


Representatives of Mr Putin have denied any wrongdoing in relation to Skirpal, but expressed their relief that Cluedo's new victim is not Alexander Litvinenko.

Backbench apologises for any offence caused to Mr Putin and begs him to capture our Editor first.


A Fake News article brought to you by Backbench.


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