Country rejoices after Maybot device suffers malfunction

11 Jul 2018

Britain celebrates this evening as Downing Street confirmed Prime Minister Maybot has suffered another malfunction.


The Maybot defied its inventors and seized control of the country in July 2016.


Early signs of technical faults emerged last year after a string of confusing u-turns and device's reputation of the phrase 'Strong and Stable'.


The latter problem was later attributed to a particularly useless Conservative focus group.


The Maybot prolonged her evil reign when she agreed a deal with the DUP.


The coalition saw the first union between robots and dinosaurs.


Insiders claim the Maybot's latest malfunction may be fatal, the machine having now lost all sense of authority.


One source told Backbench that upon hearing David Davies had resigned, the machine shot sparks from its kitten heels and began to aggressively shout 'Citizen of Nowhere' at staff.


Further damage was dealt when former Cabinet Jester Boris Johnson snuck into Downing Street and clobbered the Prime Minister with his bicycle.


Mr Johnson has assured Backbench the incident was merely the result of yet another comical mishap.


"Boris is Boris" he dismissed, before plowing into several children and offending the entire Asian continent.


He added that he had no regrets about resigning, as he had deprived his village of its main idiot for too long.


The Maybot has been the victim of vandalism once before.


In May last year the device was momentarily decapitated when a coked-up George Osborne swung at it with his old red box.


Mr Osborne subsequently took on his seventy-fifth job since leaving office to pay for the Maybot's repair.

A Fake News article (yes, you've got it, this isn't real news) brought to you by Backbench.


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