Backchat special: Andrew Adonis


Labelled as “a cave man” by Jacob Rees Mogg and a “twisted weasel” by Nigel Farage, Lord Andrew Adonis is not afraid of ruffling feathers.


In this week’s episode of Backchat, the Labour peer and former cabinet minister divulges the details of his plan to keep Britain in the European Union.


Regarding Theresa May, Lord Adonis believes she has “not put forward a negotiating position that looks at all credible”, stating she needs to perform a “Houdini act” to be successful.


Lord Adonis also reveales that he in fact doesn’t relish the prospect of a second referendum as “we will have Nigel Farage and co. out there banging a big drum”. Yet, he judges that it is a better alternative to Boris Johnson's plan, that will leave young people “stuck on an island with Jacob Rees Mogg and Nigel Farage.”


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