Trump Announces Blanket Ban On Mini Sombreros At Mexican Restaurants

19 Oct 2018



The leader of the free world has today announced via Twitter that restaurants in the US will no longer be able to give out fun Mexican-style party hats to customers. A spokesperson for the White House said:


“The wearing of so-called ‘sombreros’, or ‘Illegal Alien Immigrant Hats’ to put it more accurately, creates a spirit of fun, good-natured cross-cultural relations, which we are seeking to avoid at all costs.”


The source went on to deny any link between this ruling and reports that the President was denied requests for extra guacamole at US-Mexican chain Chipotle earlier this week, after allegedly accusing a member of staff of being a “bean-brained burrito boy”.


Current reports state that restaurants found in violation of the new policy will have the chance to waive a $200 dollar fine if they agree to supply a weekly selection of prepared menu items directly to the Oval Office.


Fake News article (yep you got us, this isn't real) by Ella Catherall at Backbench


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