Vince Cable 'too obscure' for I’m A Celebrity, producers say

21 Nov 2018


The Lib Dem leader reportedly campaigned heavily to be featured in the reality show, but no one noticed.


ITV consoled Cable by saying that he would have been the first camper evicted anyway due to the elimination system being based on gaining votes from the public.


“In previous years, we’ve had megastars like Brian Friedman and Rebekah Vardy so you can understand why we don’t have room for someone with as small a following as Vince” explained presenter Declan Donnelly.


Members of the Lib Dem party are reportedly disappointed. And when they were told this news they were even more so.


When it was reported that former UKIP leader Nigel Farage was to appear on the show, there was great concern among the spider community who said they find him far too creepy to go near.


This was quickly debunked by the shows producers who admitted that they had considered Farage as a feature of one bush tucker trial but found him far too slimy to subject contestants to.


The new series marks the first time in the show where it will possible to tell Ant from Dec, as Dec will be the one who is there.

This is a Fake News story (that's right, to the best of our knowledge, this isn't true) by Kieran Macfadzean.


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