Global warming was a joke, admit scientists

26 Nov 2018



The 97% of the scientific community that has been pushing the narrative of man-made climate change has today come clean about the worldwide hoax.


A spokesman for these scholars, Boffin McEgghead divulged that the prank had been conceived as a dare on the scientific community WhatsApp group by the late Stephen Hawking.


“Stephen was terribly mischievous” Boffin said. “I remember one time when his professors questioned a coffee stain on his thesis and he had to think on his feet. That’s where the idea of black holes comes from. Honestly, the man was a liability”.


"Honestly, we're surprised so many people believed us" he scoffed. "I mean, come on. Have you felt how cold it is? Do you believe everything you see online?"


For years 3% of scientists have refused to take part in what they described as an ‘immature charade’.


The WhatsApp group reportedly placed a £10 wager on who would be the first to break and come clean to the public.


“I’m all for a bit of fun but sometimes it can go too far” said Dr Patrick Michaels. “I personally feel that to go against the research and misinform world leaders in return for money is immoral and not something anyone considering themselves a legitimate scholar would indulge in”.


Professor Brian Cox responded to the remark by scoffing and claiming that Michaels was “always shit banter anyway”.

This has been a Fake News article (we're 97% sure this isn't real which, while not enough for the US President, is good enough for us) by Kieran Macfadzean.


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