Don’t fall for the act: the hardline Brexiteers are dangerous

28 Nov 2018


Last week, most Westminster bubble journalists were preparing themselves for a seemingly inevitable no-confidence vote in Theresa May. Just seven days later, that has all changed. Steve Baker, the so-called ‘numbers man’ of the one-issue obsessive European Research Group, publicly proclaimed last Friday that the sacred 48-letter threshold had been reached, with potentially ‘at least’ a dozen more on top. That has, of course, been revealed to be utter claptrap, as per usual of these self-indulgent people.


Most of the members of the hard-right faction of the Conservative Party have been in Parliament for decades. Having secured good money from soliciting or banking beforehand, they enter Westminster, in a gloriously safe seat, with little to fret about involving their job security. They can easily fulfill their tasks in the country while engrossing themselves in the archaic traditions and customs of Parliament, which always include making vulgar, alpha male noises towards other members, especially women.


They also come in with one issue in mind: those pesky Europeans. All of those French, Belgian and German bureaucrats from Brussels who will one day of course, create a monstrous European Super State and Britain, once again, will endeavour to stand alone against the face of a tyrannical regime on the edge of Europe.


There are many problems with the European project, which has betrayed its original function, gradually increasing ever closer political union and stripping member states of their sovereignty in the disguise of ‘cooperation.’ As an extremely soft and rather reluctant Brexiteer, I can relate to the issues raised by those at risk to the Customs Union and even greater integration in Brussels, particularly concerning law and sovereignty.


However, the remorseless state of those pursuing the result of the 2016 vote will lead to dire economic and social consequences, the start which we have already been able to glimpse. Those Tories couldn’t care less about the real life impacts of the decisions they make. They have been totally immersed in the luxury of career politics, fighting small issues in the constituencies and, as David Cameron put it in 2005, 'banging on about Europe.'


They have, with rather large slabs of help from Boris Johnson and the sly political genius Dominic Cummings, destroyed the country’s reputation, along with a few tens of thousands of jobs. The country will never forgive them. The Conservative Party that only a few years ago was socially and economically liberal, with odd fringes to the sides, should root them out. If they don’t, the Conservative Party will let in the man who poses potentially more danger to the country.


The disastrous and calamitous leadership of Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Howard during the Tories’ long period of political exile exemplified why the hardliners can never successfully or competently rule a major party or government in Britain. Despite heckling from supporters, those two are not ‘elder statesman’, just like their similarly old counterparts in Parliament. They are just white, stale, male bores who rant continuously about their one play-thing of choice: Europe.


Next year, they will, lamentably, get what they have craved since the wild days of Oxford in the 70s. And then the country will despise them, and only the other catastrophic bunch could fill their place.



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