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31 Dec 2018

I know we've been saying this for several years in a row now, but this year really has been quite the annus horribilus for British politics. A government found in contempt of parliament, a no confidence vote, a Prime Minister dancing onto the party conference stage, a mace-grabbing incident and 17 government resignations, all in the space of one year. This. Is. Not. Normal.


We could all write a long list of the strange political twists and turns of the past 12 months, but luckily our editors have taken the pain to analyse it all for you (yep, even Brexit). Check out their round-up pieces, this year covering the war on truth, #MeToo, Brexit, the Labour Party, Rohingya crisis, Syria, and the Mueller investigations


God knows what we'll be writing here this time next year. But in the meantime, our Backbench writers have been producing some excellent content. In no particular order, here are 18 of our favourite pieces from 2018.



1. "God help us": Anna Soubry talks Brexit, Westminster misogyny and her visions for the future

Tom Mitchell



2. Kenyan students sacrifice all for unpaid internships

Abbianca Makoni



3. The politicisation of Santa

Hamish Dick



4. Men's rights activists: refusing to let women live, and rest, in peace

Maheen Behrana



5. Conservative Party Conference: Mayism, rebooted?

Sam Bright 



6. National holiday declared as train arrives on time

Megan McGowan - Fake News



7. Neoliberalism's role in the populist revolt

Thomas Westgarth



8. The ripple effect of state pension inequality

Bronte Schiltz



9. Is Instagram fuelling the mental health crisis?

Jess Insall 



10. Don't fall for the act: the hardline Brexiteers are dangerous

Patrick Maxwell



11. Brexit: What's Happening?

Dr Simon Usherwood and Natasha Livingstone - Backchat



12. Review: A Very English Scandal

Sam Young


13. Skripal suspects to present travel documentary of provincial Britain

Kieran Macfadzean - Fake News



14. Split Labour if you must - but do it for the right reasons

Dominic Chave-Cox


15. In defence of the face veil

Karim Khan



16. After the strike, higher education is still riddled with problems

Abby King



17. Saudi Arabia: Friend or Foe?

Ali Goldman, Maheen Behrana and Natasha Livingstone - Backchat



18.  Why the Gulabi Gang are a model civil rights group

Joe Read








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