BREAKING: MPs in the House of Commons vote, by a majority of 347 to 303, to have cake

14 Mar 2019




This means that the UK will have to seek options on how to keep the cake safe from being eaten.


Mrs May says that the cake will be kept uneaten for a period of up to three months, but this agreement must be agreed upon by the other owners of the cake.


A second vote will now be held in the house to determine whether the MPs would like a box to put the cake in or simply leave the cake out.


Cabinet members have warned that leaving the cake out could lead to some pockets of MPs believing they can eat the cake.


A smaller vote held in the commons also voted to enact a complete nationwide ban on the use of extended metaphor.


This has been a Fake News article (that's right, this isn't real) by Kieran Macfadzean.

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