Michael Gove has the vision Britain needs

13 Jun 2019


The next Prime Minister will face one of the most challenging opening months in recent memory. Many candidates for the Tory leadership believe they have what it takes and, perhaps in less difficult times, they might be able to take on the top job.


But at this point, only one candidate has the intellectual ability and track record of reform to deliver Brexit and offer Britain the radical domestic changes it dearly needs to see. Only one candidate can lead our nation into the 2020s. That person is Michael Gove.


The Environment Secretary is one of the most qualified people ever to stand for the position of Tory leader and Prime Minister, having presided over a series of successful reforms in the various government departments he has run. They span from the ambitious free schools program whilst at the Department for Education to the tough measures for combating the ivory trade he has introduced at DEFRA.


Compare Michael Gove’s record of delivery in three Cabinet positions to the failure of Dominic Raab’s tenure as Brexit Secretary or the lack of competence Boris Johnson displayed at the Foreign Office, and it’s difficult to come to a conclusion other than that Gove is the most qualified candidate for the top job.  


But qualifications mean little if you don’t have a radical vision for where you want to take the country. Here Michael Gove outshines the other candidates hands down. Ambitious pledges to axe VAT in favour of a simpler sales tax, reform the business rates system which at present harms small businesses and is destroying the high street, as well as to change British laws on monopoly to increase competition, all show that Gove has the economic credibility for the Premiership.


If the European elections proved anything, it’s that a conclusion to Brexit is absolutely necessary not just for the future of the Tory party but for the unity of our country. Gove is the only candidate with the credibility to deliver Brexit. He balances the need to try and renegotiate with Europe on issues such as the backstop, with a commitment that he will leave with no deal if a deal is unavailable.


His ambition for a free trade deal with Europe long term, and his pledge to give free British citizenship to the 3 million EU citizens currently residing in the UK, represent the outward looking Britain we can build post-Brexit. I firmly believe that someone with robust intellectual ability and strong grasp of policy should be the person to deal with Brussels. That person has to be Michael Gove.


Of the other frontrunners, I can’t trust Johnson, don’t believe Raab has the attention to detail, and don’t think Jeremy Hunt believes in Brexit at all. Michael Gove, as a key architect of the campaign to leave the European Union, is the person to deliver Brexit.


It’s also crucial that the next leader of the Conservative Party is able to win a General Election whenever that time may come. Michael Gove has the skills to take on Jeremy Corbyn, and prevent the horrors of Marxism from entering number 10. His speech in the motion of no confidence debate earlier this year is evidence of his ability in challenging the Opposition. Furthermore his strong support of Israel, and robust defence of the Union, would help to put clear blue water between us and the anti-Semitism crisis seen in the Labour Party, and the increasing division sown by nationalists across Britain.


I believe it is a testament to the strength of our party that so many people have put themselves forward for the leadership. I also believe that there are other candidates who possess unique skills, and may surprise me with their ability if they were to become our next Prime Minister.


But Michael Gove is the only candidate I can be certain has what it takes to lead us through the next chapter in our nation's history.


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