Sajid Javid deserves to be our next Prime Minister

15 Jun 2019


As a working-class kid from Worcestershire, there’s only one leadership candidate for me in this contest, and that’s Sajid Javid.


For me, Javid embodies everything that makes me a Conservative. If you work-hard, strive to better yourself, and play by the rules, then you can open the door to exciting opportunities, no matter your background. Quite simply, he’s proof that social mobility is possible.


I’m the son of a cabinet maker and the grandson of a retired fireman. I was the first person in my family to attend university in three generations. I’ve got to where I am in my career today through sheer hard-work: nothing was handed to me on a plate.


And that’s why Sajid Javid inspires me. He’s a working-class kid too. State educated. The son of a bus driver and the first person in his family to attend university. He’s the epitome of the ‘boy done good.’


As Javid said in his campaign launch speech, Boris Johnson is 'yesterday’s news.' Boris might be a household name, but it’s not for all the right reasons. He’s far too polarising.


To win a majority at the next election, the next Prime Minister must be able to unite those who voted to remain and those who voted to leave. We must be able to hold seats like remain supporting Cheltenham and leave supporting Redditch, but also take back seats from the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party.


For me there is only one candidate in this contest who can do that, and that is Sajid Javid. He is the face of a modern, outward looking Conservative Party.


After nearly 10 years in Government, the Conservative Party must refresh itself. I believe with Sajid Javid at the helm voters will look afresh at the Conservative Party. That’s how we will win the next General Election.


The Labour Party has never and will never represent my values and my aspirations. The Labour Party believe they own working class voters like me. They don’t.


For me, the only party in British politics which represents aspiration, freedom and the ability to better yourself is the Conservative Party. Labour are already trying to paint Javid as an out-of-touch banker. Why? Because he’s the candidate they fear the most.


Let’s compare the background of Sajid Javid with that of Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn went to private school and grew up in a manor house. Javid lived in a two-bedroom flat above a shop, with his four brothers and his parents. He went to state school from his first until his last day at school. After reading that, who is more representative of the British public? It’s certainly not the Labour leader.


And this is why I believe Sajid Javid is the best person to lead our party through Brexit and into the future. He’ll be able to connect with voters in a way the other leadership candidates will fail to do.


People from backgrounds like mine need to see proof that we can get on in life, that we can aspire and that we can improve our lives. Javid is that proof. He is proof that, no matter your background, Britain is a country which enables you to reach your full potential.


I know that he is determined to ensure that everyone gets the same opportunities in life. The same opportunities which were afforded to him.


That’s the core belief of any Conservative. It’s why, as working class kid, I am a Conservative. I could have easily stayed in my lane and not aspired to do great things, but I didn’t. I worked hard, pushed myself and aspired to do better. And so did Javid.


This is why education is the central plank of his campaign. He admits himself that his school wasn’t very good, that his teachers didn’t encourage him to aspire, that he was basically told he wouldn’t do well in life. He didn’t listen, and thank God he didn’t.


The best route out of poverty, the best way to better yourself, is through education. Every child, no matter their background, deserves to go to an outstanding school, and receive a world-class education. Unfortunately, not every child in this country currently does. It really is a post code lottery.


Javid wants to end this. He wants every child to be given the tools they need to get on in life and to reach their full potential.


It shouldn’t matter whether or the son of a plumber or the daughter of a corner shop owner: your background shouldn’t stop your from achieving great things. The son of a plumber should be able to become a doctor and the daughter of a corner shop owner should be given the opportunity to become a FTSE 100 chief executive. Education is key to this, and that’s why education is at the heart of Sajid’s campaign.


That’s why this contest shouldn’t just be about Brexit. It should be about the future of our country too.


There’s no doubt in my mind that Sajid Javid should be our next Prime Minister.

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